SMGS Science, Technology & Agricultural Fair 2018

At SMGS, we believe in bringing out the genius in every child and all our lessons, activities and extra curricular activities are geared towards achieving this goal.   The SMGS Science, Technology & Agricultural fair 2018 was a way for the students in our school to find out where their interests lie and to learn about three extremely important areas in today’s world.

The event was a huge success and it was a privilege to learn so much from our students.  The students taught us so much but I particularly enjoyed learning about rabbit farming, fish farming and the way the students made chandeliers, fans and perfumes.  I also appreciated how the students calculated Body Mass Index for some of our guests as the results were a push for some of us to eat healthier!!

Please see some of the pictures from the day.  It is also worth noting that every child in the school was involved and they all performed amazingly well.


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